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Feb 2008 | Wall Street Journal Europe, William Echickson | English |
Israel's new revolution in quality wines It started as a hobby. Eli-Gilbert-Ben-Zaken, an Israeli restaurateur and poultry farmer, planted a few grape vines on a hilltop next to his house in the Judean Hills in 1988...
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Jan 2008 | Hug Johnson | English |
Pocket Wine Book Since 1999, Hugh Johnson writes about Domaine du Castel. This year, 2008, our winery received the 4th star from Hugh Johnson, that also selected over 200 personal favorites, Castel Grand Vin among them.
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Jul 2007 | רבקה פומרנץ, אופירה בירון ויהודה זיידמן | Hebrew |
רשמי סיור וטעימה ביקב קסטל יקב קסטל הוא מותג. למשפחת בן-זקן, בעלי היקב, לא נדרשו דורות כדי לבסס את המותג ולתפוס מקום של כבוד בין יקבי האיכות הישראליים מהמעלה הראשונה, שכן למן היין הראשון מבציר 1992 ולאורך כל 15 שנות קיומו של היקב ייצר יקב קסטל יינות מצוינים באיכותם.
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Feb 2007 | Avi Hein, Israel21c | English |
Family winery competes with the best When you mention Israel, top quality wine is generally not the first thing that comes to people's minds. Yet, a short ride from Jerusalem in the scenic Judean Hills, resides one of Israel's best kept secrets: a world class winery...
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Jan 2007 | Bettane & Desseauve | France |
The World's Greatest Wines Our claim to have selected the world's greatest wines will no doubt be seen by many wine lovers as a challenge to draw up their own selections. And at least where their own favorite country or region is concerned, these selections will probably be just as relevnt as ours...
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